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(I’m going boom boom)
Play that record, play it louder
I got the stamina, don’t touch the fader
Dread rasta take it from the top
Just getting started, now tell me not to stop
Sooner or later the party will break out
Sweat’s started dripping in
But don’t stop me right now

Let the beat go
Boom, boom, boom like a bass drum
Loud, loud, loud when I break the rules
I’m gonna stay up
Until I can’t stand up
Dance, dance kinda freaky
Boom, boom, boom drop the bassdrum
Loud, loud, loud then the DJ rules
Taking it higher
Don’t turn the light up
Let the beat go, let the beat go

One minute I’m just sober chewing gum
Then I’m a stripper on the podium
Hot drinks bar, ching, bottoms up
Yeah, I’m thirsty, girl, fill it to the top
Nobody tells me to stop so I go on
I want it now, let the shock hit my system

Get up and dance now
Let’s throw our bodies around
I want to move
And shine like a star

Natalia lyrics

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